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Raw Dog Food | This Week I Learned About Weight Bearing Raw Bones

Raw bones are a big part of the raw dog food we buy; it’s ground up in the food.  Our dogs also get raw bones as a treat a couple weekends a month.  I was hesitant to feed them raw bones, but we haven’t had any negative experiences.  The other day on Twitter a dog owner shared that her dog nearly died from eating a pork bone.  $6,000 later, her dog was recovering from the ordeal.  I sent my wishes for a full recovery and then wondered what type of bone the dog ate.

The Dangers of Cooked Bones

I’ve heard from many people that bones are unhealthy.  We all know not to feed our dogs cooked bones, because they’ll splinter and become dislodged in our dogs digestive system.  I keep seeing smoked bones at pet stores and wonder “aren’t they cooked too?”  I won’t take the chance so it’s only raw bones for our dogs.

Another Danger of Raw Bones

Another warning about bones is that our dogs can break a tooth; the worst case scenario for this is that we won’t know until our dog is very sick.  By nature, dogs hide illnesses, because they don’t want to appear weak in the wild – this habit may not be bred out of our dogs.  I don’t know how true this is, but it’s the one “fact” that I learned that convinced me that it’s a bad idea to leave our dogs alone with raw bones – so they gnaw away while I read to them.

This week, I was reading posts in a Facebook raw dog food group and someone asked for information on feeding raw bones for an article that she was writing.  This is where I learned about weight bearing bones…

The one bone we should not feed our dogs are weight bearing bones, because a bone that sustained the weight of a cow (for example) so they may be too strong and can break teeth.  According to the article I read

So what’s the answer?  To be honest, I really don’t know, but I do find it interesting.  We only feed our dogs rib bones and knee caps.  I’m thinking of trying chicken wings this weekend.

What are your thoughts?



  1. I might be a bit concerned about dogs your size and wings. I’m actually even iffy on them with my dogs. Felix (my dainty chewer) does GREAT, but Koly (who chews like Cookie Minster) scares me. I definitely worry about choking and him swallowing bone pieces that haven’t been adequately chewed.

    • Someone else told me to watch out for the necks with our dogs. I think wings will be okay, because they won’t wolf them down since it’ll be new to them. I’m not ready to give them something bigger like thighs or breasts, but wings will be an interesting change for them.

      Of course, the plan is now canceled since we’re having a rainy weekend (they eat bones outside). This gives me more time to do some homework on wings. I’ll ask my group.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jodi!

  2. I have yet to give my dogs whole bones to chew. I don’t feel comfortable giving my Labs anything chicken.. They practically inhale their food…and I’m afraid they’d do the same thing with those and perhaps get something stuck. They get ground chicken bones daily, so I’m not worried they’re lacking…but I’m sure they’d love a good beef bone to chew and drag around the yard. I like your idea of rib bones and knuckle bones.

    • The knuckle bones are the best, because they don’t seem to break off – the dogs eat the meat and then gnaw on them (cleaning their teeth) and then I take them away when they get to a certain size (swallowing hazard).

  3. I find Chicken wings one of the best Raw Meaty Bones!!! Even for my Bernese Mountain Dogs. They love them too :-)

    I know a lot of people say don’t give them (chicken wings) to big dogs, but I don’t agree. I think that as long as you teach the dog to chew, then they are fine. If you hold one end of the wing then the dog is forced to chew it. Even if they eat it too fast they will just bring it back up again and re-chew it.

    Another thing they like is the Beef Rib Bones, I also give them beef knuckle bones but not too often otherwise they might end up wearing their teeth down.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Anna. I like the tip of holding on to the wing. I’ll give that a try this weekend :)


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