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One person I follow online (Facebook, YouTube and Blog – stalker much?) is Doctor Karen Becker.  I think the Mercola site has a tremendous amount of great information and because she’s pro-raw food diet, she has a lot of information for us that’s easy to follow.

Here is a three part series that you can find on YouTube that explains about the raw food diet for dogs and cats.  What astounded me is that there are different beliefs about when dogs and cats were domesticated and the basic nutrition she shares in the first video.

Did you know that dog and cat food has only been around for 100 years?

In this second video, Doctor Karen Becker shares necessary and unnecessary foods for our dogs…like grains. And did you know that most pet recalls involve a potential health risk to humans?

In this third video, Doctor Karen Becker talks about why the raw food diet for dogs gets such a bad rap; basically, because the diets aren’t in balance.

What did you learn from these videos? Agree, disagree?

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